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Ohio Carbon and Carbex

Maintaining wind turbines and other wind power equipment is a serious responsibility. You need dependable original equipment manufacturer and maintenance parts to keep your system running. 

We are proud to collaborate with Carbex to offer quality wind turbine products such as carbon brushes. 


Wind Power

Wind Turbine Carbon Brushes

Many turbine environments operate in challenging climates, such as extreme temperatures and humidity. With the team at Carbex, we manufacture carbon brushes for every type of wind turbine and generator on the market, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. These brushes are tailored for power transmission, grounding, lightning protection as well as slip rings for pitching of blades. 

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i-BRUSH Remote Monitoring

A new state-of-the-art prevention system for keeping the turbine running, i-BRUSH continuously monitors the wind turbine brush for maintenance. Utilizing integrated sensors in the carbon brush and linking to an external control unit, i-BRUSH enables maintenance staff to check the brush condition safely,  any time and anywhere, from a smartphone or PC.

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i-brush, maintenance, ohio carbon

i-brush, maintenance, ohio carbon
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Carbon Brush Holders

In partnership with Carbex, Ohio Carbon offers safe and cost-effective brush holder solutions, including standard, V-type, Optimus, and customer-specific solutions. Our carbon brush holders are designed, developed, and tested to deliver superior performance. 

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