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Ohio Carbon provides custom carbon brush applications for a wide variety of markets, including those below. If you’re looking for a specific application, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your project needs.

motors, motion, carbon brushes, ohio carbonMotors and Motion Control

We manufacture large volume carbon brush orders for a range of consumer products, such as home appliances, hair and beard trimmers, exercise equipment, automotive systems, and power tools. Our carbon brushes are also found in motion control products for automated carts, DVD dispensers, and other automated machines.

aerospace, defense, carbon brushes, ohio carbon
Aerospace and Defense

Our carbon brushes ensure that the equipment our military relies on can perform at the highest capacity. As a proven and registered subcontractor, we have the advantage of bidding on different contracts, while manufacturing all our products in the United States.

medical, carbon brushes, ohio carbon

Our carbon brushes are commonly relied upon in hospitals, as well as dental and medical offices, in equipment such as hospital beds and chairs, drills, lift chairs, dentist chairs, medical laundry movers, surgical devices, CT scanners, and MRI equipment.

wind power, carbon brushes, ohio carbon

Wind Power

Ohio Carbon is the exclusive United States representative for Carbex, supplying their disruptive iBrush technology for easily monitoring certain turbine and carbon brush conditions.

Wind Power

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ohio carbon industries, inc
ohio carbon industries, inc
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