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Your motors need high-performing, reliable, and affordable carbon brushes to work at their best. Find the perfect solution for your needs with Ohio Carbon.

Ohio Carbon Industries

We work with you and your design to ascertain the right material grade, create a prototype in our facility, and address any issues that fall beyond the scope of the brush.

Our facility meets the needs of pressed to size, cut and grind and 3D printing (additive manufacturing).

ITAR Registered - Ohio Carbon Industries


ISO Certified - Ohio Carbon Industries


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Connect with Ohio Carbon

Discuss your application and needs with us.

share, specs, design, ohio carbon

Share Specs and Design

Our team will recommend the correct material grade and confirm physical characteristics.

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Create and Test Samples

Ensure the prototype does what you need and prepare a quote.

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Implement Your Solution

Once approved, we’ll produce your part so you can get your design into production.


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ohio carbon industries, inc
ohio carbon industries, inc
ohio carbon industries, inc
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